Of course everyone knows about Groupon, and many of the other daily deal sites that save you lots of money on everything from spa treatments to Auto Show tickets. There are tons of sites in Chicago for retail businesses. A few of my favorites, besides Groupon, are, and But what about business-to-business daily deal sites?

For business-to-business companies looking for deals on their business expenses, there are some daily deal sites out there made for us. These sites offer a chance for some great exposure, and are a unique way to market your small business. They can be especially beneficial for start ups just getting off the ground. For more established businesses, they’re a way to grow your client base. The deals are sent to thousands of business members every day, so why not take advantage of this new audience.

Just launched, is an on-line B2B group buying site for small businesses, nonprofits and startups. They feature offers of up to 75% off business products and local services. BtoBcity helps members to decrease their overhead cost to increase their profitability and give them access to services to help them grow their company. If you become a member now, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a free iPad. is an online community that was specifically developed for small business executives and office professionals by office professionals. They offer deals on virtual products and applications for small businesses. also has a Chicago-based business deal site. They are targeting small- to medium-sized businesses with one daily deal, and eventually plan to go national.

You definitely do take a significant cut on the cost of your product or service, but you have to think of that cut as the cost of advertising. You want to make sure you offer a deal on one product or service to entice new customers. Don’t list a deal with all of your offerings included. Once you have these new customers hooked with that great deal, it’s your chance to tell them about all the other products and services you offer. If you get even a couple long-term clients or customers, it could be well worth the cost.