Most people associate WordPress, a popular Content Management System (CMS), with blogging. Did you know that you can have custom web sites created in WordPress as well? WordPress has an amazing array of free templates available for your use. You can use these templates as is to start your own web site. If you are a startup, and don’t have the budget for a custom site, this is a great place to begin. I highly recommend avoiding the cookie cutter templates, if you can, and working with a web designer and web developer to create a completely custom design based off of the framework of an existing template. It’s a great solution for small businesses that want to create a new web site, or upgrade their current site.

The biggest advantage of using the framework of an existing WordPress template to create a custom designed web site, is that it dramatically cuts the development time. This means a custom site at a very reasonable price! The second biggest advantage of a WordPress web site is that you can make changes to the content on your own. Small businesses can’t afford to pay a developer every time they want to make a change to the content on their web site. Ideally, you should be adding new content to your site on a bi-weekly basis to keep the search engines coming back. With some basic instructions, it’s easy to add or delete copy, change photos and add more pages to a WordPress site.

There are many other advantages to web sites created on a WordPress platform. WordPress allows for built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for dynamic content. This is crucial for keeping your page rankings high with the search engines. It’s easy to add new functionalities to your site down the road to enhance content and usability for your customers or clients. If your tastes change, you can use the same template but change the design of your site without incurring big development costs. Also, WordPress is Standards Compliant, which ensures a better user experience.

Unless you need very specific capabilities, expensive web sites built in HTML are just unnecessary these days. If you do have a site with more than 10 pages, need a more robust platform or have special design requirements, there’s also a CMS called Joomla! that has the same advantages as WordPress sites. The Red Seal Design site is based on a Joomla! template. It’s great to be able to change the content as often as I want. If you haven’t made updates to your web site in months, or even years, it’s really not working to grow your business.