Customize Your Email Template

Most small businesses these days are using some type of email marketing through Constant Contact, or another provider, to promote their products or services. As one of your marketing tools, your emails should reflect your signature brand. They should form a cohesive look with your web site, business card, and brochure designs, etc. If you choose a generic template from their pre-designed options, you are missing out on a valuable chance to brand your emails. Your customers may not even recognize that it’s your company when you use a standard template. The good news is you can create a custom template based on the look of your signature brand. It will be unique and won’t look like the business next door, giving you an edge on your competition.

The first step is to choose a template that you like in terms of the basic layout. Do you want the sidebar on the left or right, or no sidebar at all. Do you need space to include products, or will it only include written content? You are just looking to choose a framework at this point.

Once you choose your template layout, you can customize it to match your signature brand. The first thing I like to do for my clients is take out the sections I don’t need, and add in the ones that may be missing. I may not need a table of contents, but the template I chose may be missing an area for contact information in the sidebar. There is a list of pre-formatted content sections you can choose to add.

After customizing the sections I need, I create a custom header and footer, in JPEG format, that reflects the design of my client’s signature brand. These include the logo, tagline, and any graphics to create the same visual look. I replace the generic header and footer with these new files. Then I work on the content section, changing background colors, headline styles, fonts and putting in images that are cohesive with their brand. Finally, I add the written content into the different sections.

The result is a unique, custom template that can be used repeatedly, and reflects their signature brand. The more often current and potential customers see your visual brand, the more they remember your small business. When they remember you, the more likely they are to use your product and service when the need arises. If you have any questions about customizing your email template, feel free to email or call Jennifer for help.