The word signature can be defined as a “distinctive pattern, product or characteristic by which someone or something can be identified.” A signature brand is an original, cohesive design based on the personality of your company that is carried across all print, digital and web communications.

Why is it important to have a signature brand?

People remember you. People take notice when they see the same unique brand repeatedly, and they remember you and your company. Down the road, when they need your product or service, you’re the one that they will call first. On the other hand, that person may never need your product or service, but they may run across a friend, family member or professional contact who does. Having a signature brand increases awareness and visibility among your current clients, potential clients and your personal and professional networks.

You don’t look like the business next door. In this day and age it’s easy to do it yourself. There are plenty of inexpensive or free templates online for everything from logos and business cards, to brochures, catalogs and web sites. The problem with those templates is, that while they may look nice enough, they aren’t unique to your business. You will be using the same template as hundreds of other businesses, and your company won’t stand out. If your brand isn’t unique and memorable, and doesn’t reflect the personality of your company, you will miss out on potential opportunities.

It portrays a professional image. Having a signature brand created by a trained graphic designer makes you look more professional, which increases credibility for your business. Educated designers go through years of training about the history of graphic design, color theory, use of typography, photography and study under seasoned designers. There are sound reasons why we choose that particular placement for the logo, that font, that image and those colors. All these elements combine to create an emotion that speaks to people about your company. The emotion could be traditional, whimsical, progressive or intellectual. Your signature brand speaks volumes to your audience, so you want to ensure you portray the right image.

What happens when people remember you, you don’t look like the business next door and you portray a professional image? Your client base rises, your client retention rises, which in turn helps your profits rise.