Much of the inspiration for the signature brands created by Red Seal Design comes from the clean compositions and clear hierarchy of elements in Asian art. The name Red Seal arose from the red stamps, or seals, that artists in Asian countries use to convey their signature on artwork they create. Every artist has their own personalized seal, with their name carved into it. They imprint this seal in red ink on every piece of their artwork to identify it, like a brand. Each seal is unique, and the more people see a particular seal, the more easily they can identify the work of that artist. This same way of thinking can be applied to your company’s communications. By creating a unique signature brand, your existing and potential customers or clients will recognize and remember you every time they come in contact with you or your communications. The more they see your signature brand, the more likely they will come to you when they need your product or service.


Jennifer Strezo is the owner of Red Seal Design, and an award-winning graphic designer with more than 20 years of experience. She currently specializes in web, digital, and print design with personality for small businesses and organizations, but spent many years creating visual communications for the corporate and consumer worlds. Prior to starting Red Seal Design, she spent nine years with agencies creating branding campaigns for business-to-business clients, and six years in a marketing department creating advertising and promotions for consumer clients. Jennifer and her partners help small businesses and organizations build signature brands by creating consistent visual and written communications that portray a unique and professional image. They provide agency-level work to their clients in Chicago, and across the country, for a fraction of the cost. Jennifer feels a deep sense of responsibility for every project, large or small, doing what it takes to meet deadlines and stay on budget. She takes time to really get to know her clients and is known for her clean design style, keen eye for details and hands-on approach.

Jennifer earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Michigan with a concentration in Graphic Design. She also studied Italian design and art history in Florence, Italy through Studio Art Centers International.

Jennifer’s love of all things Asian began in high school when she started studying Japanese language and writing. She continued her studies in college with additional Japanese language classes, Japanese calligraphy, many Asian art history classes, Asian architecture and Asian history. In 2006, she spent 17 days touring Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima, Japan, which further inspired her creatively.

Originally from the Detroit area, Jennifer now resides with her family in the West Suburbs of Chicago.